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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) are at the cutting edge of technology. ArchLynk has utilized AI & ML to create Artificial Intelligence, an exclusive product of AVYAY Solutions, to solve your Global Trade and Supply Chain challenges. Get a free demo today.

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KAI in Action

Many organizations face constant challenges around product classification. Despite often having large teams dedicated to product classification, errors, misclassification, and inconsistencies are common. These manual and repetitive processes are costly for companies and can lead to hefty fines and penalties. KAI helps automate and audit product classification using historical and real-time data. See the video below on how KAI can help with your product classification.

KAI is the flagship product of AVYAY Solutions - a cutting-edge AI supply chain solution that leverages supervised machine learning to reduce manual tasks by 75%, as well as increasing accuracy and process efficiency to improve top and bottom-line performance for organizations globally.

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Reduce up to 75% of your Global Trade Manual Product Classification

Save on Average $150k in Reclassification Fees

Avoid Penalties of up to $1M for Violations of Trade Compliance

Why ArchLynk Innovations?

The transition to the digital core brings complex challenges for any business but great rewards for those that adapt. Whether logistics planning, carbon emissions management, risk management, visibility, analytics, or anything in between, we can help you design, implement, and own a solution that elevates your digital supply chain. ArchLynk means Innovation in the auxiliary language Esperanto and marks a cornerstone of our philosophy. Embedded into a holistic approach to drive business benefits realization, we deliver deeper solutions and services for SAP customers to address today’s challenging supply chain problems. Our innovative solutions aim to enhance and potentiate SAP TM core functions and much more.

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