Shipment Execution App

Shipment Execution App

Empower your supply chain with a powerful shipment tracking system and simplified event management solution with the ArchLynk Shipment Execution App. Now derive all your shipment visibility data and insights right from your smartphone in a single click. This comprehensive visibility solution eases your event management challenges and provides needed transparency of critical operations.

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The Growing Need for Advanced Visibility in Modern Supply Chains

The current market conditions, evolving consumer behavior, and supply chain disruptions have necessitated advanced supply chain visibility insights for businesses to thrive in challenging times. The need of the hour is comprehensive supply chain visibility right at your fingertips. What if we say that gaining visibility into your critical operations is possible from your handheld smartphones? 

We have developed the Shipment Execution App, a native mobile application for supply chain leaders who need tracking and event reporting information regularly. This easy-to-use mobile application integrates seamlessly with SAP TM and various other tracking systems including SAP Event Management, Global Track and Trace, and ArchLynk Simplified Event Management. Customers can now easily track their shipments and capture documents in the execution process without investing in extensive tracking and event reporting solutions. 

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Benefits of the Shipment Execution App

Swift Set-Up

Setting up this application is a breeze and very convenient

Secure Processes

With authentication and passcode policy, this best-in-class application makes all processes secure

Added Convenience

The Shipment Execution App makes life easier for users and is an affordable solution for all shipment execution and visibility needs


It provides hassle-free user onboarding with multilingual support

Cross-Platform Application

The app is supported by any smart device and operating system including iPhones, Tabs, Android phones, or web browsers

No Additional Licensing

No additional licensing is required for SAP Business Networks for Logistics - GTT or FC

Why ArchLynk Innovations?

The transition to the digital core brings complex challenges for any business but great rewards for those that adapt. Whether logistics planning, carbon emissions management, risk management, visibility, analytics, or anything in between, we can help you design, implement, and own a solution that elevates your digital supply chain. Embedded into a holistic approach to drive business benefits realization, we deliver deeper solutions and services for SAP customers to address today’s challenging supply chain problems.

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