Carbon Management Solution

Carbon Management Solution

The Carbon Management Solution is a tool that calculates and depicts the CO2 emissions of the end-to-end transportation process. It’s a collaboration application between ArchLynk and Tracks that enables the visibility of carbon emissions into SAP TM.

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The Need for Sustainability in Supply Chains

Global Businesses need sustainability commitments to adhere to global decarbonization regulations. Businesses today have little or no visibility into Carbon Dioxide Emissions of critical supply chain processes. Accurate CO2e calculations are also a challenge in absence of proper integration with certified partners. Moreover, the data quality of CO2e calculations may also vary and not conform with global regulations. End Customer or Stakeholder expectations also put additional pressure on businesses to comply with global standards. 

The Carbon Management Solution empowers businesses with end-to-end transparency into carbon emissions within SAP TM Landscape. 

    Top Differentiators:

    • CO2e visibility within the SAP environment
    • A user-friendly dashboard within the SAP TM system
    • Calculations based on GLEC standards
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    Benefits of ArchLynk CMS

    Real-time Visibility for CO2e Management

    Manage KPIs CO2e

    Interactive Dashboard within SAP TM

    Integration with existing SAP Logistics Environment and GLEC Certified Partner

    More Sustainable Transportation Processes

    Establish Brand Perception as a Sustainable Enterprise

    Why ArchLynk Innovations?

    The transition to the digital core brings complex challenges for any business but great rewards for those that adapt. Whether logistics planning, carbon emissions management, risk management, visibility, analytics, or anything in between, we can help you design, implement, and own a solution that elevates your digital supply chain. Embedded into a holistic approach to drive business benefits realization, we deliver deeper solutions and services for SAP customers to address today’s challenging supply chain problems.

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