SAP Integrated Business Planning

Streamline critical operations with SAP Integrated Business Planning

Bolster your supply chain with the powerful capabilities of this unrivaled cloud solution that links supply chain planning, visibility, response, and execution to accelerate critical decision-making for your business.

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Better Manage Global Supply Chains with SAP IBP

Businesses manage critical global supply chain challenges and requirements daily. Therefore, syncing long-term strategic goals with short-term operational plans to ensure optimum utilization of resources and timely delivery to end customers is of prime importance.

SAP IBP is an intuitive cloud solution that combines supply chain planning with advanced visibility, response, and execution. A fast, intelligent, and user-friendly solution, SAP IBP empowers your business’s digital transformation by combining inventory, sales, financial, and supply chain planning processes into a unified and standard plan. Streamline operational, tactical, and strategic operations and accelerate complex supply chain decision-making. Align existing business processes with real-world challenges and leverage its ground-breaking capabilities to analyze, manage and present data to meet organizational goals.

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Supply Chain Control Tower

Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Planning

Demand-Driven Replenishment

Response & Supply Planning

Inventory Optimization

What can SAP IBP do for You?

2 %

Revenue Growth

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

10 %

Inventory Carrying Cost Reduction

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

10 %

Service Levels Increase

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

30 %

Planner Productivity Increase

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

12 %

Reduction of Days of Inventory

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

5.6 %

Increase On-time Delivery Performance

- SAP Performance Benchmarking


Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization

Rapid Simulation and Scenario Analysis

Response and Exception Management

Robust Statistical Model & Embedded Analytics

SAP Global Trade Services


SAP Transportation Management


ROI Calculator for Transportation Management


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