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Leverage Networked Economy with SAP Business Network for Logistics

Leverage renewed supply chain visibility with the SAP Business Network for Logistics. It is the cloud solution your business needs to manage logistics challenges & future-proof operations effectively. Schedule a discovery workshop to see if SAP Business Network for Logistics is right for your business.

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ArchLynk is the premier logistics consulting and implementation partner for SAP Business Network for Logistics. SAP BNL is an open logistics network that brings together various business partners for inter-company collaboration and insights. It provides role-based access built on the specific needs of different partners. It seamlessly connects processes to build efficient collaborations by embracing interoperability with other networks.

Logistics processes are mired in siloed operations and back-and-forth communication loops and have a growing need for execution visibility. As supply chains deal with unprecedented disruptions developing robust logistics networks is essential.  For a competitive edge, businesses must leverage network economy to build strategies that ensure supply chain visibility, agility, risk mitigation & management, and supply chain resilience.

It facilitates data exchange between various supply chain participants globally to leverage synergies, gain a common understanding, and optimize their processes for cost reduction and improved capacity utilization. SAP Business Network for Logistics drives supply chain agility and resilience through comprehensive capabilities.

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Cloud for Efficient Collaboration

Business Network for Logistics Capabilities

Business Network for Logistics Benefits

Cloud Solution

Enhanced Collaboration

Empowered Enterprises

37 %

Lower late shipments for organizations that have real-time, company-wide visibility of inventory

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

13 %

Lower inventory carrying costs for organizations that have real-time, company-wide visibility of inventory

- SAP Performance Benchmarking

75 %

of top 50 global companies will have implemented supply chain business networks in support of end-to-end supply chain visibility by 2024

- Gartner Supply Chain Visivility Guide

75 %

of Customer Product organizations consider real-time, network-wide monitoring important to sense and assess potential supply disruption risk before it occurs

- SAP Perfornace Benchmarking

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